Brazilian breakthroughs in steelmaking with new moves in pig iron technology

International Resource Journal - Mining


How news from a Vale SA-lead consortium could be set to revolutionise steelmaking in years to come

On September 21, a consortium comprised of Brazilian mining giant Vale SA, Brazil's development bank BNDES, Logos Tecnocom and Tecnored Desenvolvimento Tecnológico SA, a Vale company, announced the commencement of a groundbreaking pig iron technology demonstration plant, located in Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo state. The project, utilising patented Tecnored technology, has big implications for the steel industry, where pig iron is a fundamental element of production, for a number of reasons: it requires no blast furnace; offers higher productivity; lower CO2 emissions; and given its ability to process raw materials flexibly, promises a steel production cost reduction of 30 per cent.

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