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Group effort issues identity cards at the Knowledge Center

The issuance of the remaining documents will be carried out until 5/2

This Sunday, 3/2, at the Knowledge Center in Brumadinho, the Civil Police were issuing the second copy of identity cards, free of charge. 200 slots are available, and interested parties must present a birth certificate (if single), original or authenticated, or marriage certificate, original or copy.

The issuance of civil records, such as birth and marriage certificates, can be done at the Knowledge Center and at the Córrego de Feijão Community Center. The service will be available until 5/2 and costs will be paid for by Vale.

About 400 professionals are prepared to serve the community. Help Centers were set up for those in Brumadinho and Belo Horizonte: Knowledge Center, Córrego do Feijão Community Center, Carmela Caruso Aluotto Municipal School, Multisport Gymnasium, Parque da Cachoeira Community Center, IML Belo Horizonte and Hotel Intercity. Approximately 230 people work in these Help Centers.

See the below video about the humanitarian support that is being undertaken at the Knowledge Center (Estação Conhecimento), one of eight Help Centers):

Click here to download the video.

Financial support

Vale is offering an emergency donation of R$100,000 to the families of the deceased and uncontactable, according to the official list validated by the Civil Defense and made available on Vale's website. The service began on Thursday, the 31st. The registration stations are located at Vale Knowledge Center in Brumadinho and at the service station in the Córrego do Feijão Community Center.

Humanitarian financial support will also be provided for families living in the Self-Saving Zone (ZAS), who will receive the donation  of R$ 50,000, and a second one for those who did not reside at the ZAS, but carried out rural or commercial activities registered by the company when the Action Plan (PAEBM) was created, to the amount of R$ 15,000. Procedures for receiving humanitarian aid will be released this week.

Remembering that these are voluntary donations from the company. This is not an indemnity, which will be agreed between the parties together with the authorities.

Funeral assistance and assistance

The company is providing support and funeral assistance to the families of the victims affected by the breach. Assistance includes notary fees, transfer of bodies, ornamental urns, graves, wakes etc. Funeral assistance will also be paid in the amount of R$ 3,928.34.

Further info:

Brumadinho Knowledge Center: Rodovia MG 040, KM 49, Área Rural Brumadinho. Call from 8am to 10pm
Community Center Córrego do Feijão: Estr. p/ Casa Branca, Brumadinho. Call from 8am to 10pm
Municipal School Carmela Caruso Aluotto: Rua Hum, S/Nº, Prédio Escolar - Casa Branca.. Call from 8am to 5pm
Multisport Gymnasium : Rua Itaguá 1.000, Progresso I, Brumadinho. Service from 8 am to 9 pm
Community Association Parque da Cachoeira: Rua Francisco Jorge Diniz, n. 40 - Bairro Parque das Cachoeira - Brumadinho corner of rua São Judas Tadeu. Call from 8am to 10pm
IML BH: Rua Nicias Contentito 1291, Gameleira - Belo Horizonte. Call from 8am to 8pm
Hotel Intercity: Av. Amazonas, 7702, Gameleira - Belo Horizonte
Hotel Go Inn: Av. Del Rey, 233, Caiçara - Belo Horizonte
0800 031 0831 (Alô Brumadinho)
0800 285 7000 (Alô Ferrovias)
0800 821 5000 (Vale Ombudsman's Office)


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