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Diversity and inclusion, Our people

We do not tolerate discrimination: let’s build a more humane, more inclusive and harassment-free company together!

Discrimination is a violation of human rights and we do not tolerate it. It is usually linked to fear or lack of knowledge. Here at Vale, we provide spaces for dialogue as a way of sharing knowledge and fostering understanding and tolerance. Our affinity groups are voluntarily formed by male and female employees who come together to support the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion within our company, reinforcing the representativeness of minority groups. 

Click here to learn about our affinity groups. 

Respect is directly connected to our values, our integrity agenda, our Ethics & Compliance Program and our Cultural Transformation. We seek a company that is increasingly inclusive, more humane and more diverse, offering a safe, creative, innovative and productive work environment, where everyone is treated equally. It is everyone’s role to contribute to this journey.  

Our human rights and diversity policies establish guidelines and commitments to ensure that Vale’s actions are underpinned by respect, inclusion, equity and appreciation of human and cultural diversity in the execution of activities, regardless of people’s appearance, gender, race, creed or sexual orientation. 

We therefore urge you to engage in this subject and if you identify or suspect a situation of discrimination within our work environment or in our supply chain, report it. You can use the following channels: 


Descrição gerada automaticamente​  Call 0800 821 5000 (Reporting Channel phone number) 


Descrição gerada automaticamente​  Whistleblower Channel webpage 

Since 2022, Vale has also had a Support Channel in Brazil, providing humanized listening and external specialized assistance for victims of discrimination and sexual harassment. Victims may choose to register complaints anonymously and they will be investigated by the Reporting Channel team. 

Click here to find out more about our Support Channel and on how to react to sexual harassment 

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