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Photo: Vale / Image Bank
Photo: Vale / Image Bank

Dividend Policy

The Company’s dividend policy is in accordance with the share prospectus and is decided based on the availability of cash after taking into account working capital need, loan and its interest payments, capital investment programs as well as considering the Company’s retained earnings to shareholders in United States dollar and other foreign currencies. In accordance with this regulation, dividends for shareholders from Indonesia are paid in rupiah, which is equivalent to the exchange rate per United States dollar and dividends for foreign shareholders are paid in United States dollar.

Company’s D​ividend Distribution for Past Year

Uraian (Description)
Tahun Baku 2019 (2019 Fiscal Year)
Tahun Baku 2020 (2020 Fiscal Year)
Tanggal pembayaran (Date paid)
28 Mei 2021 (May 28th, 2021)
Dividen per lembar saham AS$ (nilai penuh)
(Dividends per share US$ - full amount)
Jumlah AS$ dalam ribuan (Amount US$ - full amount)
Payout ratio (Payout ratio)
Tanggal dideklarasikan (Date declared)
29 April 2021 (April 29th, 2021)

*Update December 2021