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Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
uniform, goggles, helmet and ear plugs. Visual wave artifact Vale
Photographer: Daniel Man
Photographer: Marcia Foletto

Professional Training Program

The PTP is the main gateway to our operational and technical positions. We want to prepare people for the cultural transformation that is underway and for the job market, through continuous learning. We count on the participation of all people interested in building a different tomorrow. Learn more about our program and be part of our evolution.

We value all people

We work to make Vale a more diverse and inclusive company, in which each individual is free to be proud of and live according to their identity. Therefore, we seek to establish a relationship of respect, listening, and zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, in addition to setting goals for the coming years.
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Some of our goals


In 2021, Vale joined MOVER (Movement for Racial Equity). The initiative brings together 45 large companies in the country and multinationals in a movement to generate 10,000 new leadership positions for black people and generate opportunities for 3 million people in the coming years through practical actions.


Double female representation by 2030 and reach 20% of women in senior leadership positions globally


Raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ guidelines and our company’s positioning of respect for sexual orientation regardless of personal beliefs and values

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Do you want to know what it is like to participate in the Professional Training Program - PFP?

Neuziane Fernandes

Operational Trainee in Maranhão
I'm looking forward to getting started, being able to stand out and conquer my space. I also feel very happy to have this opportunity and to be another woman in such a restricted and masculine universe that is mining

Juliana Canário de Brito Silva Ferreira

Operational Trainee in Pará
We received a training opportunity for the job market and a professional career. I feel accomplished. It is the first time my employment record book is being signed and I am very excited to start this course and expectations are the best possible
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Profile of job vacancies

Who are we looking for?

  • People over 18 years of age, who preferably reside in the communities surrounding our operations, to develop and qualify local talent.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Physical Activity Voucher (Gympass);
  • Daycare and Pre-School reimbursement;
  • Health care; dental and pharmaceutical;
  • Specialized assistance to PCD;
  • Incentive to professional training;
  • Apoiar – Employee Assistance Program;
  • Paid vacations;
  • Life insurance;
  • Meal vouchers or cafeteria at the place of work;
  • Transport vouchers or transport at the place of operation;
  • Christmas basket of staples voucher;


  • Operational Trainee: Graduated in High School
  • Technical Operational Trainee: Graduated in High School Technical Course.
* In some cases, it is desirable to have a professional course and CNH - National Driver’s License - B or D

Duration of the program

  • Theoretical Phase – Approximately 4 to 6 months
  • Practical Phase – From 6 to 12 months.
* Duration may vary depending on location and training area.
Photographer: Ricardo Teles