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Photographer: Gustavo Baxter
Photographer: Gustavo Baxter


We are committed to prioritizing ethics and integrity in each decision we make and we work on a daily basis so that these principles can be part of our culture and guides for all those who represent our company.  

After all, only when we take our ethical principles to heart will we achieve our purpose: We are here to improve life and transform the future. Together. 

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We believe that the path towards this goal involves transparency in everything we do.

That’s why we have a Code of Conduct that presents our values and ethical principles. In addition to a Whistleblower Channel that, since 2013, allows anyone, inside or outside our company, to report cases of suspicion or ethical misconduct, ensuring absolute confidentiality and a fair investigation.

Transparency Culture

In 2021, we took another step in building a culture of transparency and integrity with the creation of our Ethics & Compliance Program. Check out the the second edition of our Ethics & Compliance Annual Report, which gathers information from 2022.