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2022 Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders



Vale will announce its 3Q22 performance


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Our stories 

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Mining for them

This webseries aims to highlight the work of women in the mining sector, in different roles and hierarchies. 

Vale 80 years

In 2022, Vale celebrates eight decades of existence with the realization that a trajectory so full of chapters cannot be told from a single point of view. Get to know our history.

Memory Space

The history of a company is the portrait of its experience, its experience, its learning, “stories” told by people, individual memories, the dreams of those who were and are part of its trajectory. 

Integrated Reporting

We launched our first Integrated Report, with the results of the management of material topics, updated in 2020 after consultation with its main stakeholders. 

Protectors of the Forest 

The forest speaks. But before listening to it, we need to see it up close. 

Women at Vale

At Vale, we believe that the female presence is essential for building a more egalitarian and sustainable future. Our recent initiatives focused on inclusion and diversity help us to make further progress in creating a more cooperative environment.
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Our commitment to repairing the communities and people impacted by the B1 dam failure is constant. See the social, environmental and safety actions taken by Vale. 
Photographer: Ricardo Teles