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Photographer: Vitor Nogueira
Photographer: Vitor Nogueira

We have been operating in Espírito Santo for over 50 years and have become a global reference.

The Tubarão Unit is the first example of the integration of the mine, railway and port system, a fundamental strategy for mining logistics that continues to be applied to this day. It was also in Espírito Santo that we carried out the largest environmental investment in Vale's history, the Tubarão Environmental Master Plan (PDA). Our operations also include the production of pellets, which led us to become a global reference for this product.  
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Closing of the storage yard at Plant 8 

The purpose of this plan is to avoid moving materials in the open, preventing the dispersion of dust. With the PDA, five areas of about 22,400 m² in total will be closed. In addition to the PDA, we may highlight the advances in conservation of the Vale Nature Reserve, the Territórios em Redes project – which is helping reduce school dropout rates in the municipalities of Serra and Cariacica – and a sponsorship that has contributed to the restoration of historic monuments in Espírito Santo, such as the Igreja dos Reis Magos, in Nova Almeida, Serra. 
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

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Our initiatives 

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Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Camburi TCA 

At Praia de Camburi, we are carrying out the recovery of the sandbank and the northern area. We plan to plant and maintain 25,500 seedlings of native plants in an area of 140,000 m² - the equivalent of 14 soccer fields. In the northern area, however, we are doing great work recovering the strip of sand that is not bathed by the sea. The interventions include the removal of the material composed of sand and iron ore and the recomposition with sand and clay in an area of 43,000 m², equivalent to about four soccer fields. The actions are part of the Environmental Commitment Term (ECT) assumed by the company with the government and the community.  
Watch the video and see the importance of sandbank recovery


Tubarão Environmental Master Plan

Learning from our history, in dialogue with the present and seeking to evolve towards a better future for all. It was in this context that Vale carried out the largest environmental investment in its history in Espírito Santo, the Tubarão Environmental Master Plan (PDA). This is a challenging job that reinforces our commitment to the sustainability of our operations and to the community of Espírito Santo. 

The PDA includes actions to control atmospheric emissions, described in the Environmental Commitment Term, and around 160 projects, including the implementation of new equipment, improvements in environmental controls and studies on new technologies. 

Photographer: Vitor Nogueira


Vale in Schools

We know that education is a transformative force. Therefore, since 2016, we have been working with the Vale nas Escolas program, helping students broaden their learning horizons and providing teachers with the opportunity to unite reality and theory in their teaching practice. Through the program, we engage institutions from Early Childhood Education to College-level Education in technological and recreational activities, lectures, courses and workshops that lead to new discoveries. More than 38,000 students have already been contemplated by the program.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Serra Knowledge Station 

At Vale, we believe that innovation goes far beyond technology. In order to innovate, we must transform people's lives. Thus, in 2011, we created Knowledge Station, an initiative of the Vale Foundation, through partnerships with public and private institutions that serve children and seniors. The space promotes sports as well as cultural, educational and professional activities. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Vale Museum

Passenger train 

Vale Botanical Park 

Vale Nature Reserve 
Photographer: Ricardo Teles


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Annual and Extraordinary Meetings of Shareholders

Annual and Extraordinary Meetings of Shareholders will be held on April 28, 2022, at 10 a.m. Learn more.

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Vale releases its Ethics & Compliance Annual Report

The second Annual Ethics & Compliance Report, presenting information related to the year 2022, is now available.

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Vale to hold event at United Nations Water Conference

Between March 22 and 24, our company will be taking part in the United Nations 2023 Water Conference in New York.

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Check out the 4Q22 Financial Results

Vale's 4Q22 financial performance is now available.

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PT Vale and PT BNSI Inaugurate the Construction of the Integrated Low Carbon Nickel Mining and Processing Project in Morowali

The mining site is in Bungku Timur & Bahodopi Subdistrict and the processing factory site is in Sambalagi Village, Bungku Pesisir Subdistrict.

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