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Photographer: Dario Zalis
Photographer: Dario Zalis

Driven by people

What is it really like to be part of Vale?

For some it is a dream come true. For others, the possibility of breaking paradigms, growing personally and professionally, or being an agent of transformation.

We are over a hundred thousand employees around the world, from different cultures, origins and professional experiences. We work with projects that generate positive impact on society, seeking excellence with innovation.
I worked for some years in the commercial area in Rio de Janeiro and kept constant contact with the sales offices abroad. I started as an analyst and the opportunities were emerging. When I was on maternity leave, I received the invitation to go to Singapore and take over Vale's navigation area. I had a team in five countries, in Brazil and Asia.

Renata Costa Zingre

Country Manager da Vale na Suíça
Internship in Vale is an opportunity for learning and a complement to academic education. When you are open to learn about the company, know how to contribute to Vale's results, opportunities naturally arise. In these 30 years I have worked in all areas of IT. You will gain new experiences.

Marco França

He started as an intern at Vale and a is Supply Manager today
I joined Vale in 2018 as my first formal job and it was a great experience. I always felt welcomed. My relationship with leadership has always been very good and I felt supported. I always knew that Vale was one of the biggest companies in Brazil, so working here exceeded any expectations I had.

Rafael Rosário

Administrative Assistant
I took a technological course and had no idea that it was possible to build a career here. I entered Vale for the talent bank as an intern, after not passing a first process. I worked for ten years in the transport area and today I am in Global Item Management. I lead this part in the Logistics and Supplies area.

Carolina Nascimento

Senior Supply Analyst
The fact that Vale is a very large and very diversified company, with national and international coverage, means that it offers many opportunities in very different segments. I think I took advantage of this, because I transitioned through a lot of areas and it made me experience several careers within the same company.

It is very good when you have the opportunity to change your role, learn different things and dialogue with new people. You will zero your backlog and start new challenges.

Marcelo Ciminelli

Information Technology Analyst
I really enjoyed selling tickets. I love the contact with others. I didn't just sell train tickets, I sold dreams. People come from everywhere to ride a train. There were people who saw the train and cried, they were emotional.

Luana Carlos

Operational Assistant
In these 15 years of Vale, I worked in Argentina and was invited to live in Mozambique and Malaysia. Opportunities arise. Vale is a world full of opportunities.

If you want to grow, learn and go beyond the role you want to perform, be aware of changes and be open to them.

Roberto Delamora

Information Technology Analyst
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Vale offers several career opportunities. Investing in training and training people and identifying talent is part of our culture

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