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Vale Ventures

At Vale, our purpose is to improve life and transform the future. We know we can’t accomplish that goal alone, so we’re working closely with society to create a better tomorrow. Vale Ventures is part of that journey.

Vale Ventures invests globally in pioneering early stage startups that bring big ideas and bold thinking to Vale’s long-term ambitions. By creating a portfolio of disruptive solutions to global mining and metals challenges, we contribute new business opportunities, insights, and knowledge to our company and society.

Together, we’re creating the future of sustainable mining and metals – and shared value for us all.​

Future focused

To help create the future of sustainable mining and metals, we’re focused on:

Decarbonization in the mining value chain


 Helping our company and customers substantially reduce their       emissions.


Zero-waste mining

Reducing waste and the environmental impact of mining while supporting the circular economy.


Energy transition metals

Accelerating the supply of essential metals to power the energy transition, and fostering new demand drivers.


Future of mining​

Investing in disruptive technologies that change how miners operate.


The value of Vale

Although we make substantial investments in promising startups, we’re worth more than the capital we provide.


Vale has subject matter experts and research centers focused on mining operations (iron ore, copper, nickel), logistics (rails and ports), exploration, and more. We share our knowledge with our entrepreneurs so that together, we can solve the industry’s biggest challenges.



Mining can only be transformed when we work together. That’s why we collaborate with our startups to test solutions and develop cutting-edge technologies, trials, and pilots.


Global reach

From our headquarters and operations in Brazil to our locations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, Vale spans the globe with established, world-class assets.



Vale has spent decades cultivating customer relationships built on trust and collaboration. The startups we invest in benefit from Vale’s vast network of contacts, partnerships, and vendors.

Let’s work together.

We believe mining is essential to the world’s development and that caring for our planet will serve society and generate prosperity. We’re partnering with communities, customers, startups, and industry leaders to achieve that vision. Together, we will create opportunities for forward-thinking companies and technologies.

Together, we’ll support new ventures that benefit us all. And together, we will help create a sustainable, responsible, successful future—in mining and beyond.

                                          Let’s connect.